Instant Response Marketing

Would you like to send out special offers to your very best customers and have them actually see your message before the offer expires?

This was a huge challenge for my restaurant and club owners. My restaurant owners had slow times (usually before and after their dinner rush) and wanted to fill them with customers.

My club owners had live performances and wanted to remind their very best customers to stop by.

My team and I discovered a great solution for these specific challenges and have found other profit pulling ways to use this same technology.


No, it’s not some magic new fangled thing. In fact, it’s been around for quite a while and most people use if frequently. 

It’s text messaging or SMS. So what’s the big deal? What if you could send a message to your best customers from your (or your manager’s) phone to 50, 100, or 250 of your very best customers when you wanted to get a special in front of them?

With 90% of text messages opened within 2 minutes, do you think they’d get your message?

Now what if you could give them a unique coupon code so you could track exactly who your reached and what they bought? 

Would that be helpful to you?

Imagine if you could reach your best customers when you needed to
Imagine if you could reach your best customers when you needed to

Our clients are having great success with our simple-to-use SMS Text Marketing System that allows their very best customers to join their “VIP Club”. 

And customers are returning again and again. Why? Because our clients are putting their weekly offers directly in front of their customers – on demand or scheduled – thus bringing the offer directly to the customer’s top of mind. 

With a 90% open rate for text messages, usually within 90 seconds, it’s not hard to see why. Your opt-in customers really do want to hear from you, and when they do, they come in and buy. It’s that simple. Build an opt-in list and never have a slow period again.

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